Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the secret i have to tell you, dear hearts.

... I'm ending this here blog.

Well, maybe changing is a better word.

You see, I graduate from college in just a few days. A few days and I'm off into a new beautiful terrifying real world of jobs and questions and love and laughter and summer nights on the beach and long winters.

And to enter the new season, I want to make a new space, a space to share my heart with you. A space to share all the crazy thoughts that tumble out of my head. I want to share what I see, and how I dream, and journey with you {if you'll come along}.

The new space is going to be over here: http://thewildlove.wordpress.com/. I'll start blogging there full time on May 20, 2012.

Why the wild love?

Because it's how we live. Or how I imagine and dream we could live. With hearts opened wide to receive the world. With selves who love fiercely, and passionately, and truly.

I'm so excited to start sharing and writing in a new space. I hope you come along for the ride - I promise to still be me, still be messy and unsure and to wonder out loud about all the same things.

He calls us to live out wild love. I'm praying that this new space, so very much at the beginning, will help me live that love.

And to say thank you for this blog, and for the person you've helped me become, here are ten of my favorite posts in no particular order (I'll still do a letter to hilary and a letter to preston this week, though):

1. One Step at a Time (It's Like Learning to Fly)
2. and you arise (a five minute post)
3. the ache is His, too, letter twenty-nine, hilary to preston
4. why I babysit (a letter to my charges)
5. the unexpected gifts
6. You are not invisible (I come back inside)
7. Dear Hilary, Love Hilary: Praise for the Water
8. on an unexpected feeling (a five minute post)
9. be brave enough to be empty, letter nine, hilary to preston
10. Dear Hilary, Love, Hilary: The Beautiful Brave Things

I love you all, dear hearts. I love that I've gotten to share a little bit of my heart with you. Thank you for carrying me.

I hope I get to see you over at the wild love soon.

love, always.


  1. I wondered if this blog would continue post-graduation. Happy to hear it's evolving, as are you.

  2. wow, wow, wow. in a way, i can't believe it! your posts here have been a steady stream of something real and raw in this oft-anemic world. and yet, in another way, of course. of course it is time to fill new space. of course it is good to see the end of this season just as it was good to witness its unfolding. and of course, i will happily follow your heart's words into its next brave frontier.

  3. This is a beautiful brave new thing you are doing. It is right and fitting and good. When the page turns, or when the journal is filled, you start a new one. And it is not something different, since you are still you, but it IS something new. Thank you for sharing yourself here, and thank you for sharing this new post-Gordon step of your life, too.

  4.  thank you, Leigh! I hope you come on over there and visit sometimes - it's such a joy to journey with you.

  5. thank you, lacy! i can't wait to share the real and raw and messy and beautiful with you as we keep journeying towards Him!

  6.  thank you, Suzanna. I can't wait to share the journey. i just can't wait.


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