Who's Hilary?

Hey there! 

I'm Hilary

I'm a girl with a big laugh, and a bright smile. If you walked around my school library, you'd see it's full of books about religion, ethics and politics (that's what I'm studying). 

I'm in love with writing - I've got a notebook in every purse and I keep finding words in all the unexpected places.

The world is a miracle. I believe in this world, in its beautiful, messy, wild self. And in youI believe it's worth it: to fight for this world, to fight on the side of living everything, even if it's difficult, to fight in love and trust and hope. 

I love to run outside, without headphones.  I spend hours in Starbucks deep in conversation. I linger, trying to soak in every word and glance and smile. 

And I want to know, friend, the dreams and hopes and mess and joy of you

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver 

(photo: mandie sodoma, mandie sodoma creative)

Pull up a chair, and stay awhile? I'd love to know your answer.



  1. I love your heart. I am so that girl who writes and laughs and puts it out there. You seem like such a storyteller.

  2. Hey Hilary,
    I also am a 20 something wandering the streets of DC with an iPod full of sermons and a Starbucks card that always seems to be running low.
    Perhaps we could meet up and swap stories?
    My email is natalie.dache@gmail.com :)


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