Friday, May 27, 2011

On Forgetting (A Five Minute Post)

Lisa-Jo challenges us to write in five beautiful, precious minutes without worrying about what comes out - just free and easy down the road we go! This week it's on forgetting. {I hope you come join us!}

Our minds are harbors, you know. Ships of ideas dock for seasons, some staying just til the next day like grocery lists and where we hide our car keys and how much we need to set aside for student loan payments and what it means to whisper thank you to God every morning. Sometimes they linger long into the winter and shore up tight - this idea of gratitude or joy or the hidden wonder of just about everything.

And more than anything I want my mind and heart to harbor long the good things and to let the others float away, set sail for forgetting. How long have I harbored grudges long past their time for departure? I remind and remember and retell the stories, the ones about woundedness, the ones chock full of memories that bite and burn and why? Because I'm afraid to know what might happen if I forget my story.

But then I remember this other wonderful thing that happens when the good thoughts linger long into the seasons of life: after all, the story is written by One who forgets nothing. And it makes me want to shout and dance and laugh til milk comes out my nose because I don't need to scrawl memories of hard things anymore, I can draw in pink and orange chalk the stories about His wonderful love and His faithfulness and His love? I can just write that story and let the cool summer rain wash away all the things I never needed to remember or harbor?

And that is the most beautiful thing to remember.



  1. Pretty post. You went a different direction than I did. I like where you went with it. I have trouble holding onto grudges, too. Why do I do that?
    By the way, I live in Leesburg, VA and am familiar with the beltway, although I don't drive on it if I don't have to. :)
    Good job!

  2. I love the "harbor" concept. As always, your imagery is just breath-taking...the journey that you take "us" on is just awesome! I love to think of the regrets & grudges floating away, never to being remembered again!

    Hopping over from Lisa-Jo's!

  3. "set sail for forgetting"

    YES! to let it slip away . . . .thanks for the reminders. Enjoyed reading

  4. The most beautiful indeed. And beautiful in these words you've shared today (as always).

  5. Love that thought about my mind and heart being a harbour. Awesome!!

  6. I love your spin on this and how you pull it together in such a short time with such a unique analogy is pretty amazing!

  7. I love the word pictures you paint. The harbors and setting sail. And I agree with Theresa!

  8. Love your harbor analogy, and the reminder that God remembers all! Beautiful thoughts.

  9. Thank you all so much! What a wonderful thing to find in the morning - all this encouragement from such great bloggers!

  10. Love this, and all this wisdom in 5? I'm lucky to put two sentences together!;)

  11. hilary, i love this word picture! i will keep your harbor image close to me. lovely.

  12. Love this! You are an amazing writer - such a picture painted in only 5 minutes. And I smiled at the thought of you laughing until milk came out your nose :)

  13. Wow...Profoundly amazing!
    I was captivated by your words...You are an incredible writer...
    AMAZING (period)
    Thank you

  14. I think this is really excellent, Hilary! Thanks for "Our minds are harbors, you know . . ."

  15. What a great metaphor...and thank you for the is He who writes our story and He doesn't forget.


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