Friday, June 3, 2011

Like a ship blown from its mooring (A Five Minute Post)

Lisa-Jo says, write about every day for just five minutes - won't you join us? There's nothing like letting your words fly free and watching with amazement at what comes out!

I've been singing (off-key) the final duet from "Wicked" - the one about being changed for good, forever, because you met this person and they changed the course of your life. And there's a line that hits the high notes sweet and every moment of every day that I feel like I just might not be enough, pretty enough, smart enough, good enough - I belt the note in my head and sometimes out loud to remember that

every day 

I sing the praises of the good God and I laugh with the achingly beautiful wind through the summer leaves and I get to read words flowing like water and I get to write. That every day people enter this whirlwind heart of mine and blow it from its mooring further out towards heaven, towards love, towards the path of obedience.

And thank you for the every day: the extra second of hug when you read my face knowingly, the email that carries an extra paragraph for good measure telling me that I matter, that this life is good, every day it's good. And thank you for being the people who make my life changed for good. Who teach me to sing the high note in my head and out loud and to dream ramshackle dreams and to venture out into the ocean of love and letting my life be a song of rejoicing.



  1. oh i LOVE wicked and that song.
    and i love hearing that you have people in your life that pour into your life in such a tangible way. that's beautiful!
    going to go listen to some wicked now...

  2. You.are.incredible.


    Love this.

    (Stopping by from The Gypsy Mama. Don't you love Five Minute Friday?!)


  3. I like this, Hilary. Thanks!

  4. Good gracious. Beautiful post again. Yes, to rejoice, grow, obey, trust every day!

  5. oh my stars, this was so lovely. Just beautiful. Wow. What a blessing this was to read! Thank you for this beauty today. Bless you. <><

  6. you write very beautiful!

    love the extra long email line, i love those too!

  7. That was beautiful! You are so talented. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of every day!

  8. I'm wowed by your words every single time I come here to read. Seriously beautiful!

  9. Beautiful imagery, again...

  10. Dare I say someone is becoming an optimist? I do believe the writing proves the title true...

  11. Exquisite writing!

    Kind thoughts to you,

  12. Beautiful. You said it just perfectly.


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