Friday, June 10, 2011

Backward (A Five Minute Post)

Lisa-Jo's prompt this morning - write about backwards in just five minutes! Join us, please? It's so much fun!

Some days the world feels like a backwards mystery carved into my heart - I have no idea what is logical, my brain's neatly ordered puzzle pieces are scattered on the floor. Why do I love writing so much? I ask the Lord as yet again I feel like I have stumbled in the back door of vocation. I'm no English major, no history major, and yet what I want more than anything is to breathe deep the language of history and write the books that blaze trails into other's hearts and minds. Isn't this backward?

Aren't I supposed to proceed in a logical, orderly, neat fashion towards what it is you want me to do?

And then the miracle of backwards must be that Love is the only path we must take. When the day makes us forget things - doubling back over the same piece of highway because we didn't plan our errand route, or having to search the same terms in Google over and over because we can't remember what it is we want to know, or when in your senior year of college you discover what it is you want this gorgeously rich life God's given you to look like - when the puzzle falls into place backwards we can see Grace in it.

I want more than anything, friends, to go in order, in what my mind whispers is the right way to do it. I want to make a mark on the world and some days my mind whispers to my heart that it's backwards, falling in love with writing and history so late, falling in love with peace and joy after I gave up being a good debater, and... and... and.

It is backwards but it is gorgeous and it is Life and I love it.



  1. love your blog title (sitting there on capitol hill) that from a derek webb song? just curious:)))
    great post.

  2. ah i love this. beautiful! and i so get that...i look back and am like um god...i have a political science degree. what in the world do you have me doing loving on kiddos and working at a church!? seems so very backward from that elusive law degree i set out to obtain before God so beautifully interrupted my life and showed me Love.
    keep on writing, girl. god may seem illogical and backwards at time, but He knows what He's doing!!

  3. I feel exactly the same way! I my degree is not in writing, and I feel upside down and inside out from where I should be. Great post, Hilary!

  4. Oh, we're all from backwards career paths here! I love it. I can relate to what you said (though you're a much better writer than me). :-) I love your take on this week's prompt.

  5. "when the puzzle falls into place backwards we can see grace in it" I like that! Lovely post :)

  6. To quote the incredible Marilynne Robinson's "Gilead,"... "For me writing has always felt like praying, even when I wasn't writing prayers, as I was often enough. You feel that you are with someone" (19). Amen and amen, Marilynne.


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