Friday, March 11, 2011

Exasperated Sighs, The Mug, and Laughter (A Five Minute Post)

Lisa-Jo invited me to write about when I feel the most loved in just five minutes!

It begins with the hundreds of exasperated sighs I exhale throughout the day into the office, into my heavy textbooks, into my conversations. There is always the small smile, the laughter peeking out from the corner of your mouth. I throw my hands in the air and I think, "This is all just too hard!" and I sigh.

And it never fails to make you laugh. When we're sitting in your office and my hands cradle "the" mug and I start to talk loud and rushed, the words tumbling out one after another, or when I'm quiet and unsure and I keep glancing out between the blinds on your window to avoid hearing your question - that's when I sigh and you laugh and I know, you know me. And I know, you laugh because you love me.

And there is always room for me to poke my head in and room for me to ask you a question or text you that I miss DC especially that morning, I miss the home of those brick streets and tripping over branches on my way to Eastern Market and wishing, wishing, wishing i knew when I was going to go back. You make room for me to become me.

Did I tell you this often enough? That these are some of the moments I feel the most loved, when I sigh a long exasperated or sad or angry or frustrated or this-is-the-truth-isn't-it sigh, and you laugh. You laugh and you help me remember to laugh too. And then you mention, "This is like the time that we talked about..," and I don't even need you to finish your sentence because I already know what you're talking about.

You laugh, and I laugh with you, and I feel completely loved.



  1. The way that you string words together, poetic! This is a stunning piece. I found myself sighing with you :)

  2. A laugh says so much doesn't it, from the nervous one to the secreative one to the hilarious one...visiting from lisa-jo's

  3. Heather and Jenny - it's so good to meet you! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Laughter is so good (and so are those exasperating sighs)!

  4. Who knew that a little laughter, a mug of tea and a safe place around a little round table could mean so much! Thank you for letting me love you.


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