Friday, January 28, 2011

The Women (A Five Minute Post)

Lisa-Jo challenged me to write about "the women" in just five minutes!

I'm new amongst them, my blogger dashboard filled with new faces and names, new links to stories of marriage, children, the crazy challenge of gratitude and hands open and life. I don't know all of them well yet, splashing in this new pond like a duck whose feet are still a little big for her body.

But they read and they listen and from the midst of all their noisy joyful chaos they find time to tell me that I am a writer. And I want to say back, "I am learning from you!"

These women, from their hair to their toes, are never through puzzling out the joy of living, never through gazing in frustration and awe at the leaves translucent in spring and the bare tree branches of winter. They seem to soak in the smells of fresh coffee and the quick silence of sleeping faces scrubbed clean of a day's hard play in the dirt.

You all remind me to take long drinks of water, to smile at strangers when they pass me on the sidewalk, to eat a popsicle some afternoons just because. You all, in your many colors and sounds and spinning laughing worlds tell me that all of this? This is all about God.

And thank you - your words in your office, tea cups and big sighs and hugs when the day is long and we both know it. Thank you - praying an extra minute of thankfulness into my day when I might have forgotten and left it behind. Thank you - for the questions I keep asking eyes wide and smile ready - and for hearing in those questions something real to answer.

Thank you.


  1. how i loved your post yesterday, and i was intrigued because i too spent an amazing semester in dc (and would move back in a minute.)

    thankful also for community shared across miles:)

  2. I love that too...this world of blogging with so many beautiful women, powerful highlighted them beautifully!

  3. Hi, Hilary. I "met" you the other day when you posted on Lisa-Jo's blog, and it's so nice to meet you. Your writing is beautiful, your insight so wonderful to me because you are "in between" for me. My dauguters are just behind you in life and you are giving me a glimpse into who they might become, what they might be thinking, how they might be transforming into beautiful women.

    Thank you for sharing your life here. I plan to continue to read.


  4. Hi Dawn! It's nice to meet you too! I am glad you found me! I hope that your daughters live fully and laugh often - laughter is just so good for the soul!

    Blessings to you this weekend!


  5. I love what you did with this prompt, Hilary! I'm rather new to Bloggyland, and have the same sense of gratitude to Those Who Have Gone Before Us, and their wise words.
    Well said, you.


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