Friday, January 21, 2011

Running Into Fresh Air (A Five Minute Post)

Lisa-Jo challenged me to write someone into words for just five minutes!

She is like a breath of fresh air when I barrel headlong into her purple jacket - hair windswept from the snow outside and smile quick and easy. Her face lights up as she whispers, "Hey!" and wraps me tight in a hug even as she finished her conversation with the scruffy boy to her right. He smiles, departs, and she turns to me.

"Hilary, how are you?" And in the question she leans forward, her mouth quickly straightening into a line of listening, her eyes locked onto mine, as if she wants to know the answer so much that her whole body is quivering with excitement.

She has brown and blond hair, strands mingling their way around her jacket hood and her hands fly around her, clasp and unclasp as she listens and then talks, and then listens again. Over and over she teaches me the patterns of conversation, as I watch her laugh silently at my slightly stupid joke and then again light up when I mention education and the movie and the promises of these next months.

She is small but her presence is palpable by this staircase and these dark blue banisters; palpable as I hear her smile in her words in her heart. She says goodbye like a greeting for the next time.



  1. I can close my eyes and see her and wish I had bumped into her today! And you as well.


  2. This is beautiful: "She says goodbye like a greeting for the next time." Not only does this make me want to meet her, it makes me want to BE more like her.

  3. Thank you both! She is a great friend and one I'm very thankful for.

  4. You really painted her well with your words. I can see her and she is movement. I peeked around your blog a little and loved your entries from Italy!

  5. Thank you, thank you! Italy was one of those special gifts that comes around every once in a while - and I'm glad you enjoyed reading a little bit about it! Your words are so encouraging to this young blogger.

  6. What beautiful writing, and what a wonderful friend! Don't you love Five Minute Friday?

  7. You captured her so beautifully! I, too, like JesseLeigh above feel challenged and ask I listen like that? do I leave the conversation open for people anticipating the next hello? Thank you for the inspiration and the challenge today!

  8. Thank you Lindsey and Jenny! I love Five Minute Friday - can't wait for next week! And I'm definitely challenged to be more like my friend... I hope it's something I cultivate this year.


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