Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lion's Roar (a five minute post)

Today I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo, over at The Gypsy Mama, where on Fridays we let our words fly free and clear, without editing or worrying. Just five minutes to run a little wild and beautiful. Won't you join us?

This week the word is: Roar.

Turn the music up, I whisper to myself as my feet make wet prints on the old wooden floors. Turn the music up, because you know all the words and you already know how to sing and who is listening besides you?

I sing it loud, this song about "shaking it out" this song that is the anthem of our late night study breaks and our drives to the wine and the live jazz music on Friday nights, this song that she and I play when our words falter but we want to inspire, we want to build up, we want to create.

We play shake it out. And then we do. We roar with our whole 22 and 21 year old selves. We roar in joy at being young and knowing practically nothing but living everything, we roar to the sounds of Florence + the Machine and we sing with her.

We sing because when the winds roar you have to roar back at them. When the cage rattles you don't have anything to fear, but everything to discover. This is your own life, we tell ourselves, yours and it's beautiful and in the making and so turn the music up and fill the place with laughter.

Roar means courage. Roar means fearlessness. Roar means even when you look at it and it terrifies you, life and love in all its many colors, you step into it and roar right back.


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