Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Out Isn't a Date (a guest post for the Good Women Project)

Somehow, in this small corner of the blogging world, between posts about singleness and posts about beauty, between hoping beyond hope that I can reach my wonderful readers, and tell you the joy and wonder and brightness and extraordinariness that you are... I found the Good Women Project. 

And sometimes I get to blog for them! This month, the topic was "Dating Mistakes I Made." And I thought, well, I've never dated... but I have a few mistakes to talk about, too. 

You can head over to read the post here, and check out the Project here (and while you're at it, check out Lauren Dubinsky's wonderful blog, too!). 

Making Out Isn't a Date

Of course it is! I told at my reflection in the mirror after returning from a hours-long, super-romantic, sitting-on-the-beach-where-the-stars-feel-aligned night in early August before college. It has to be!

I told my friends I was dating that guy. The one with the hair that flopped on his forehead, who met me at Starbucks three times, who made out with me more than that, who whispered in my ear that he thought I was sexy {and who doesn’t swoon over that?}. I told myself that it was just growing into a relationship, that the making out, the suggestive text messaging, the thrill of the unknown… it was on its way to dating. It was basically there. Isn’t kissing someone in your car essentially asking them out? Wasn’t his desire to lock lips just another way of saying, “I think you are beautiful and smart and interesting and funny. Can I take you on a date”?

My dating mistake? Calling a lot of things with guys dates that aren’t.

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  1. Saw this post on Good Women and popped over because, well...I'm a huge political science nerd and I love your blog name :) very clever!

  2. hilary, you are such a bad a** writer. i loved this. please keep writing.
    love, alyssa


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